Back to It

Well, it made me kinda cranky, but the site I was on closed it’s doors yesterday… I really liked it too. So I thought I’d give WordPress a try…

I promise to be as cranky as ever. I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone who ever enjoyed my remarks our posts. I hope this will prove to be a good fit. If not… I’ll do something else LOL


17 thoughts on “Back to It

  1. Well, I for one, miss you. I miss your posts, your comments and your wit. I hope we, too, can keep in touch periodically…and I will read here at every opportunity. Stay well, my friend ♥

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    1. Yes, notca. I’m new to WordPress so I haven’t fully figured out how everything works. I didn’t know if you were posting as a guest or had joined to start blogging. If you’re doing a blog here, I will read you.

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      1. Well I’m new here too and completely stupid about computers into the bargain! I have joined but haven’t started blogging yet.
        Does joining mean I have a URL? Or will I get one when I blog?

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