The Donald is In

So Trump tossed his hat and rug into the race, and personally I say good. I think it’s a great thing for so many reasons. To begin with, I don’t like politicians. I think most politicians are fucking criminals. If they were honorable people, they’d do something else, like go to work. People who work add value to the economy by providing a good or service. Politicians do neither. They take. They take money to run their campaigns and they take privileges to provide favors to the people who got them there.

One of the things I like about Trump is that he’s got so much fucking money leaking out of his pockets that he’s very likely unbuyable. How do you bribe a guy with more than 8 billion?

I hate the parties. Partisan politics is poison to our liberty. It creates a false loyalty to shit that has nothing to do with the principles we were founded on. Neither of the parties is particularly responsive to their constituents, and both have an unseen machine that turns gears behind the scenes. The fact that we’re about to see yet another contest between a Bush and a Clinton ought to tell you that the parties don’t give a damn about what you think on anything. Oh I know… but your party is the right one LOL.

Trump is not part of the machine. I like that. The machine doesn’t care about it’s base any more than it cares about the people as a whole. I hope Trump shakes the machine to pieces.

I even like his bad hair piece. There’s been too much emphasis on appearances. The pretty people don’t know how to run the country anymore than the rest of us do. I’d rather vote for a silly looking gazillionare with a bad rug than a fake insider.

I’m not saying I’d vote for the guy… but I’d give him every opportunity to earn my vote if I thought he was serious. Well, I watched his announcement speech today… And he sounds very serious to me.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


5 thoughts on “The Donald is In

  1. He’s never going to win and I’m thankful for it. He’s so pro corporation that he’d bleed the people out of the equation. And just because he maybe wealthy, doesn’t mean he cannot be greedy. Folks always want more.


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