The Clarkson of Watchery


One of the amazing things about musicians, actors and individuals from the pop culture is how they know everything about anything. It must be because pretty people are competent. We all know this, don’t we? The prettier you are the more competent and knowledgeable you become about random products and services.

Case in point, Kelly Clarkson and watches. From the picture above, you can plainly see the reality of the situation. Kelly is pretty, the watch is pretty, therefore we can be ‘pretty’ well convinced that if Clarkson advertises this watch, it must follow that this is a good watch. Hey, why ask Consumer Reports? Why bother your local jeweler? Don’t you know Kelly is one of the pretty people? Of course she must know all about a wide variety of random products. It is pretty well established that a pretty Kelly and a pretty watch make a pretty sound argument that is pretty solidly in keeping with the Platonic cause/effect relationship of discourse and disputation. Can it be denied? Surely you do not diminish the very knowledgeable competence of Kelly Clarkson’s prettiness.

This is why Bono knows about aids in Africa, Whoppie knows about politics, Springsteen knows who should be President… the list just goes on and on.


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