Little People


The president is spending father’s day on a golf course in California, a lush and green course for the super rich while California suffers an unprecedented drought. Crops are dying, people are on rations, prices are exploding… it’s really quite unprecedented in my memory.

I’m reminded of Bush senior, when he had not seen the scanner at the store check out, of when Hillary suddenly had the revelation that little people matter (regarding I guess it was a servant). How do these people get so completely out of touch with the ordinary citizen? What is this fantastic bubble they live in that seems to completely isolate them from the rest of us?

Power breeds arrogance, and politicians are arrogant people. Yet they’re also naive to their own detriment. They seem to have no real trouble finding themselves things to do that make them ridiculous, like presenting yourself as a people’s President to the folks then golfing on the super rich greenery in front of a state that’s out of water… much like the rich man eating steak before the starving.

I don’t know how they get here to be so far out of touch… I guess they all have a unique way of saying, ‘Let them eat cake.’


4 thoughts on “Little People

      1. It’s not only the President who is wrong here. The gulf course should have artificial grass (corporation). And there are also a lot of famous folk who shouldn’t be watering their lawn either.


      2. Keep in mind, I’m not necessarily singling out this president as I have examples also of Bush Sr and Hillary (first lady at the time). There is something in the water out there in DC and they’re all drinking it.


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