President Obama Drops “N” Word Bomb


Obama dropped the n-word in an interview. Is that okay?

Is it okay for black people to say nigger in general? It seems to me that if some can say it… all can say it. There is this idea that we should all be equal in our liberty, so if one, why not all?

What about white verses black? If a black guy calls a white guy ‘cracker’ is it then okay for that white guy to call him ‘nigger?’

What about the President? Is it okay to couch offensive words in a near academic discussion on a podcast from a secret location in whitey’s garage? Or does he just want to sound gangster?

I don’t know… What do you say?


15 thoughts on “President Obama Drops “N” Word Bomb

  1. That blacks can call each other nx but no one else can is called the tactic of claiming your opponent’s terminology. In this case, it’s been remarkably effective.

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      1. I thought is was raghead, but I dunno. In the states it’s actually Sikhs, not Muslims, who are most likely to sport a turban. They work pretty good for keeping your head cool when it’s hot out. Obama’s kind of showboating-even the crawfish at the pond bottom would condemn an ugly mass homicide like this. He should have stuck with presidential language. But then, recall when he bowed to the Japanese PM a few years back. Do you really have to imitate another culture’s tokens just to pay your friendly respects?


  2. Jindal is the goverenor of my state, and doing a piss poor job of it. I can’t see him head of state much less head of the whole USA. What a joke.


  3. I brought him up because you brought him up as well as Hillary in an above comment. There was no way I could reply under that. Sorry to have gotten off from topic.

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    1. Lol. no worries. I did bring him up only in the sense of whether he and Hillary now have license to use racial slurs since apparently the President did… so I guess I opened the door a little 😉


  4. I keep saying, there was nothing wrong with the word ‘nigger’ until the PC crowd basterdized it.
    ‘Nigger’ was originally Southern dialect for ‘Negro, Which was dialect of ‘Negroid’ which is what black people are. as opposed to Caucasion.
    (Southern people talk funny!)
    If a person is black, he is negroid. If a white person is white, he is caucasion. So why not be contented to be called what we are?


    1. Well, it’s now a word for empowerment for blacks and a call to regain for others. I personally don’t think anyone should be fearful of mere words… but I advocate free speech… Yes, even unpopular racist speech, which I believe is educational for everyone in revealing character.


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