I got about a third of my cherries picked today, thanks to a little help from Jr. I hope to finish off the tree I’m working on tomorrow. It’s funny… when the stuff is ripe you gotta get to it and clear that tree like there’s no tomorrow. Missing cherries is like throwing money away.


5 thoughts on “Cherries

  1. Yum yum! Cherry pie, cherry jam, cherry cake, cherry preserves!
    Sure does save money if you’re willing to do the work. Price of cherries in the markets is out of sight.

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    1. We should be done with this tree today. We now have well over a hundred bucks worth (organic cherries are ridiculously expensive in my area).

      Not buy cherries.

      Eat cherries.

      Cook cherries.

      Freeze cherries.

      Can cherries.

      Eat more cherries.

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