Amendment 28: A Proposal

People don’t really like America as it was meant to be anymore. People today seem to prefer an America that doesn’t look anything like the Constitution that our Founding Fathers created. I guess it’s just the changing times, but I suppose we should add an Amendment and modernize America into what folks seem to want these days. In order to help out with that, I decided to go ahead and create this proposal for a 28’th Amendment based on what folks seem to want America to be. Here ya go, the America of our future:

Amendment 28

Article 1
A cute inner puppy being necessary to the warm fuzzy of a people, the right to never be offended by anything ever shall not be infringed.

Article 2
The First Amendment is hereby repealed.

Article 3
Congress shall regulate speech, religion, the press, and association, passing such legislation as it deems necessary to restrict big meanies from hurting people’s feelings.

Article 4
The Supreme Court shall have authority to circumvent the Constitution, the will of the people, the will of the states, and the will of Congress. The President shall enforce the will of the Supreme Court.

Article 5
The 10’th Amendment is hereby repealed. The federal government shall have all power ever to do whatever it wants to, by simple majority 5/4 vote of the Justices of the Supreme Court.

Article 6
The principles of democracy, representation, and federalism shall not be employed in governance. Discussion of such principles shall be deemed incitement to commit treason. The thoughtful consideration of such principles shall be deemed a hate crime.

Article 7
Disagreement with the government publicly and privately shall be deemed treason and a capital crime.

Article 8
Posse Comitatus is hereby repealed. The federal government may deploy the United States military against the people.

Article 9
The people shall be deemed the property of the state within the borders of the United States and all it’s respective territories.

Article 10
The 6’th Amendment is hereby abridged. Only the accused who present a guilty plea shall have the right to a speedy trial by jury. The jury shall be selected and compensated by the state. The 5’th Amendment is hereby abridged. The accused who fails to testify against himself may be deemed guilty by summary judgment.

Article 11
All rights and liberties previously established to restrict federal powers shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to be adjudicated to mean what a simple 5/4 majority of the Justices shall deem it to mean. The restrictions against Ex Post Facto and Bill of Attainder laws are hereby repealed.

Article 12
The 2’nd Amendment is hereby repealed. Defending one’s self or others from the state and it’s officers shall be deemed a treason. Defending one’s self or others from criminals and foreign nationals shall be deemed a hate crime. Defending the liberty and property of one’s self or others shall be deemed an incitement to commit treason.

Article 13
The right to own property is hereby repealed. All property held by the people of the United States and it’s respective territories shall become the property of the officers of the federal government to be distributed as deemed fitting based on perceptions of loyalty to the state. The writings of Adam Smith and John Locke shall be burned as contraband. The writings of the Founding Fathers, libertarian philosophers, and free thinkers shall be burned as contraband. The Bible and other religious literature shall be burned as contraband. The possession of any literature not approved by the state shall be deemed a contraband of radical incitement to commit treason.


6 thoughts on “Amendment 28: A Proposal

  1. CC, I wish you would post this stuff over at ‘Take refuge’ forum! The socialists are starting to dominate with their PC bulls**t and turning it into a mutual admiration society. I fear for my virtual life if I keep posting my ‘radical’ opinions. :).

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Not very many at ‘Take Refuge’ want to participate in controversial subjects. How dull! I long for the good old ‘anything goes’ free-for-alls on SU!
    When everybody acts PC and nicey-nicey there isn’t much to talk about except the weather.


    1. Unfortunately, the pro boards TOS is just as restrictive as all the other sites I never wanted to join, but it’s where our community went after su disappeared suddenly LOL I miss free speech too.

      I’ve thought about offering Fireheart and others use of a server so they could set their own rules… but unfortunately I just don’t have time to maintain it. Maybe next year I could do that…

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