The Gay Loving Fantasy Jesus of Homo Politics

People are weird. It’s true of religious people, yet even more so of the irreligious who invoke religion for personal or ideological gain. Lately, there is this strange argument floating around political discussions that goes something like this: “Jesus never mentioned homosexuality, therefore it’s okay,” or, “Jesus doesn’t prohibit gay marriage so it’s acceptable, or maybe, “Jesus forgave adulterers and prostitutes, so he probably forgives homosexuals too.”

It’s all really the same argument. I call this ploy, ‘Convert your opponent’s leader.’ The idea is that your opponent to all your favorite gay shit in American society is those who follow or believe in Jesus. Thus, if you can successfully faggify Jesus, you discredit the opposition of his followers. Easy, right? Does it matter what Jesus’ actual views on the subject are? Not a bit. The point is not to accurately reflect Jesus’ views but to win an argument by inventing an ideological portrait of Jesus that may have no basis in reality. Hey, make up your own Jesus however you’d like him to be.

There are Baptist churches in the south that try to make Jesus black (Ethiopian) because… his message of escaping the coming judgement somehow changes if you have a black Jesus rather than a Semitic Jesus. There are gay churches where Jesus is okay with homos, and probably even poked a little booty himself. There are rich churches where Jesus is the CEO of heaven, and his warnings of the love of money are casually dismissed in favor of what wealth can do in the mission field. There are as many representations of Jesus as there are churches looking to define themselves, and therefore him. Why deal with the real Jesus who always seems inconvenient when you need to justify your evil shit? When you read through the accounts, Jesus is really annoying because he never buys people’s shit. He sees through to the core then he calls it like he sees it.He’s just fucking annoying that way. Don’t you wish he was more like your Facebook friends you can bullshit all day?

Well back to the popular Jesus of today who never mentioned homos… never judged them… Yes he did. In a very telling moment he directed his attention to a people wholly given to perversity and said, “Remember Lot’s wife.”

You know the story. First a couple angles show up and visit Lot. The city men show up because they want to ‘know them.’ Yup, gay rape gangs cruising the city for fresh meat. Lot tried to distract them and offers his daughters (sick fuck) but they’re not into that. They want hairy booty. They try to force their way in so an angel strikes ’em blind and pulls Lot in to shut them out. Later, God decided he’s had it with these sickos and he’s going to destroy them, actually five cities including the infamous Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot says, ‘Will you spare the city of I can find 10 just men?’ God agrees. He can’t find one. So Lot grabs the fam and gets them out of there. They’re not supposed to look back as they go, symbolic of not returning to the old life, or even longing for it. Guess who looks back? Lot’s wife. She’s turned into a pillar of salt, and that’s the end of her as well as Sodom and it’s 4 sister cities, raining fire and destruction falling from the heavens and whatnot…

This is the story Jesus invokes about sexual immorality in general and homo shit in particular. It’s a story of the final judgment with fire raining down on your ass, and if you look back at that past… your dead.

Now… does anyone really believe that Jesus is okay with that fag shit based on this? Seriously, I don’t care if you believe the story, but Jesus apparently did, and when he brings it up, he’s giving it in the context of the final judgment. Is anyone really stupid enough to believe the real, historical Jesus is okay with that homo shit? Or are you just inventing your own Jesus as you wish he was?

Look, I don’t really care what you do. If you want to go queer or cheer on those who do go for it. All I’m saying is Jesus thinks you’re charcoal on judgement day. He acts like he knows something about it. He talks about hell about four times more than he talks about heaven, so apparently judgement is on his mind.

‘But doesn’t Jesus forgive them?’ Sure he does… if they repent. Repent is a funny word. Most people think it’s synonymous with apologizing. Not the case. It may include an apology, but it means ‘turning away’ or ‘changing direction.’ It seems to be the requirement that you gotta turn away from the shit you’re up to in order to be forgiven, but of course, homos are some kind of special case, right? Murders, thieves, liars, they have to repent, but homos get a pass, is that it? There’s something special about them that they get a free ride while all the rest of the dirty sinners out there have to work for it? Seem fair to you?

There is no gay loving Jesus, no more than there is a murder loving Jesus. The real Jesus of history calls people to repent, deny themselves and change. The invention of the non-judgemental Jesus who loves homos as they are is a fantasy and an idol. He doesn’t love any of us they way we are. He loves what we could be. If you don’t believe that, you should take a peak at the Epistle of James.

The people who want to invent this faggified homo loving fantasy Jesus don’t have any interest in the real historic guy. They just want to win an argument. It’s mere politics, and a sign of the corruption of our times. After all, winning the argument is much more important than telling the truth.


5 thoughts on “The Gay Loving Fantasy Jesus of Homo Politics

  1. HMMMMM! That’s a different and interesting way of looking at the issue.
    Does that make me a non-Christian then if I don’t care whether the law sanctions homosexuality or not? Because I DON’T! How I feel about it privately and personally is another thing but I don’t believe other people’s ‘sins’ are my business or is it my business to tell them they are wrong, should repent, change and sin no more.
    I find your perspective on forgiveness refreshing. I feel that to be forgiven, first the offender must be sorry for what he has done. Just saying ‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t wipe the wrong out. That’s why forgiveness is not a strong point with me.


  2. Taking to people about your views is a tricky issue. I don’t mind talking people my views of it seems they want to know our the conversation naturally leads that way. I feel adverse to simply giving my views on religious matters whether the conversation less that way or not. It feels pushy to me and makes me feel uncomfortable. This post however is not really about that. I’m about such of the pro-homo crowd trying to remake Jesus into the image of their faggotery. Jesus was not a fan of perverts. I don’t care what people do in their private lives, but frankly, I take offense to trying to remake him into a fad lover. It’s bullshit.

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  3. Privately I think homosexual relationships are unnatural and just plain wrong! I don’t understand how getting something shoved up your ass can make you feel ‘gay’. (Just ask any man who has had a Prostate examination!) But if others want it and like it that’s no skin off my nose.
    I really don’t know what Jesus thinks about it and that’s no skin off my nose either. Groups making Jesus appear as a fag, black, or anything else are only trying to get Jesus on their bandwagon. I doubt if it will change Jesus in any way so they can have at it.

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