Pro Homo Types Want No Dissent


For some strange reason, homos and their supporters want dissenters to shut up and go away. I guess they think the battle is over because they won a court case. Apparently those who disagree with them no longer have the right to free speech or to engage the political process.

I saw someone post about Dent County lowering their flags to half mast in protest of the homo marriage decision, crying the blues that it was insulting or offensive. Do you really believe you have a right to shut people up because you’re offended? It’s the stupidest fucking thing I ever heard. Are you kidding? You have a right to shut up the people of Dent County because of how their speech makes you feel? Shut the fuck up pussies. It’s called dissent.

Does anyone out there give a shit about your free speech liberties, or are you too busy fagging off to care about your freedom?


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