Trump to take the Pledge

The news is reporting that Trump is going to take the pledge… You know, the pledge to support the Republican Party candidate regardless of who it is. Even though I’ve been super busy working on my roof, it seemed like a good idea to take note of that pledge and go over a few of it’s details:

I pledge allegiance to the cog
Of the party machine of America,
And to the partisanship for which it stands,
One party, under Marx
Indefensible, with poverty and division for all.

Well, that’s how it’s gonna sound to me anyway. I’m not a believer in devotion to partisanship. I’ll save my devotion for Jesus, and I think I’ll keep my loyalty oaths to defend The Constitution and it’s principles… You know, those forgotten principles like federalism, representation, constitutional restraint… the shit nobody likes to talk about anymore because it might not jive with the outcome of the latest agenda. Call me crazy…


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