The Forever Remodel


Good Lord, it’s almost as if I can start my sheeting soon… aside from some blocking here and there, I’m pretty much done with the frame up. I do need some torsion brackets but I can add those from underneath once the roofing is done. The weather is the big deal… Autumn is on it’s way.


7 thoughts on “The Forever Remodel

  1. One and the same. I grabbed your link to here awhile back and forgot about it. I was doing a little cleaning up of the old browser and came across it, thought I’d come by and see how the build is going. Looks like it’s coming along nicely and keeping you busy.

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    1. Yeah it’s getting there. Killing me physically LOL, not as young as I used to be, but I’m closing in on it. Definitely ready to get going on the interior though… that will be a nice change of scenery… warmer to šŸ™‚ don’t be a stranger.


    2. Hey, just to let you know, Levi, a bunch of us refugees landed at a site that Fireheart put together called Take Refuge Forums. A lot of SU friends there so feel free to drop in if you like. Dani wants you to join too. No pressure, but you’re welcome.


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