Fuck Syria

Fuck Syria

In a lot of ways and for a lot of reasons, the only decent thing a thinking person can do is leave off from the compulsion to run save Syrians and bring ten thousand of them here to America. It is only the reactionary emotionalist that wants to do this, and despite the fact that how you feel carries a kind of false truth to it, that hardly makes it a good idea for public policy.

Most people who talk about compassion and humanitarian aid are full of shit. These are people in my experience who stick their change between their cheeks to keep their coins squeaky and shiny. They don’t give to charity, they don’t volunteer their time anywhere, and they don’t do anything that costs them something beyond emotional gratification. This means they think the right thoughts and want the government to fix it by taxing the mythically abundant rich out there. It removes the sense of lazy immoral guilt and makes them feel that they’ve done something by advocating for somebody else to do something. One should never underestimate the capacity of the poor or the common to be selfish and greedy.

My contention is that these people are not being helped by being brought here, nor are we helped by bringing them. It’s very likely to be a bad deal for both sides, and the amazing power of people’s emotional sense of goodness won’t change that. It’s not even an issue being discussed.

Who says they want to come? Really, do we actually know that these Syrians want to come here? Certainly the Jihadi types that sneak among them want to come and shoot as many of us as may be feasible without ignoring the joys of a good pipe bomb, but it seems extraordinary that the real refugees want to. They are being displaced from their homes by a civil war and are being forced to flee because of the extreme danger, but that hardly means they want to leave. There is a certain presumptive arrogance that says what we have is so much better, thus these Syrian refugees will want to come to the other side of the world to a strange continent and a radically different culture. The further away they are displaced from home, the less likely it is they will feel the desire to blend in and find anything to be happy about, so it seems to me. My own feeling is that I would hardly want to travel even as far as Canada or Mexico let alone be transported to the other side of the globe away from my home, family, friends and culture. If I feel that way, why wouldn’t Syrian refugees? You could argue the supremacy of our situation, but we’re not talking about any empirical standard of what makes a country and culture good or bad; we’re talking about how people feel. How many people are actually going to feel good about such a radical displacement, and how many years will it take to develop such feelings?

Along the lines of arrogant naivete, is it reasonable to believe that Syrian refugees are going to find themselves in love with America’s culture and people? I realize that Conservatives will believe we should be loved and honored for spreading liberty and democracy just as much as Liberals will feel that swelling of pride over ShitBama’s promotion of homo butt-pumping across the African continent, but I wonder what the actual Syrian refugee will see and think rather than what what many of you out there want him to say or feel?

Let us imagine a Syrian father or mother arriving at our shores and seeing western libertarian culture for the first time with their own eyes. Do you think they will see the trendy fashion sense of our women, or do you think they will see the immoral whoredoms of a decadent people? I find it just as hard to believe a Syrian father would revel in the idea of his son being enticed by an American girl who dresses like a prostitute as I would believe a Syrian mother would want a daughter to present herself like an immodest slut for the gratification of a whore-mongering American boy who’s understanding of love and sexuality comes from a smart phone full of porn videos. Do you think Syrian husbands will respect American husbands and the exposure of their wives? Will Syrian wives feel comfortable with their husbands going out into our sex-saturated communities? I find it very likely that the current state of our moral decline will offend them continually, and their stay here will be a very insular one. I do not believe they will have any interest in assimilating because the state of our culture will disgust them, as it often disgusts me. In point of fact there is no reason to believe they will see us any differently than a devout Christian might. Now I wouldn’t claim myself to be a particularly good Christian, but I certainly understand the feelings I imagine Syrians might experience here. I don’t want my wife for example to feel like she needs to compete with the whoredoms of this culture any more than I would want my son’s first experience with a woman to be with a girl who looks more like a hooker than a lady. My desire is for my son to go into his marriage bed with purity beside a lady who is equally pure. Do you believe a Syrian Muslim will feel differently? I don’t.

Do you believe Syrian women with traditional views of culture and family are going to be pleased with the devaluing of traditional roles and with having their religious views dismissed as oppression? What happens when a Syrian woman is approached for the first time by a lesbian feminist who is curious about what lurks beneath the hijab? Will she be dismissively flattered, or will she be repulsed by the corruption of the sisterly bond women enjoy into something deviant and perverse?

Will the Syrian refugee be appreciative of the liberty Americans enjoy and abuse, or willl they accurately see the self-involved corruption that has overtaken a land that once stood for more than the perpetual demand of rights and the abject refusal of any and all responsibility that should accompany them? Will they understand that freedom of speech means a redneck is at liberty to call them camel jockey and sand nigger? When one considers freedom of speech,it serves nothing to protect civilized, popular speech because such speech is never in need of protection. It is only the speech that people don’t like which needs to be defended, otherwise there is no speech worth hearing because all speech becomes little more than flattery and bullshit that merely reinforces what the listener has already decided is truth. Without the inclusion of unpopular, yes, even hate speech, there is no speech worth listening to. All speech shall decline into an amalgamation of nonsensical equalization that is not worthy of hearing. Will the Syrian understand this, or will he listen and say, ‘These disgusting Americans cry all the day of their imaginary hardships without any sense of real suffering.’

What will the Syrian think of our gun culture? In a world where weapons represent either the totalitarian abuses of dictators or the excessive radicalism of fanatical, hyper-religious zealots, will the Syrian understand that in American tradition, the people are the law, and the people are it’s enforcement? Americans themselves hardly understand it. Most Americans today believe that the right to bear arms is ascribed to some unofficial militia out there somewhere, the purpose of which is now largely fulfilled by law enforcement or the military. They have not even the most cursory grasp that it is significant how the Second Amendment ascribes the right to the people rather than the militia. The reason for that should be obvious. The people are themselves the militia. Most Americans themselves do not today fully understand that American citizenship involves the preservation of our laws and liberties not merely from a criminal element or a foreign invader, but from our own government above all. If Americans themselves don’t recall their own history, how is a Syrian refugee supposed to feel anything other than intimidation by Bubbas with guns? Is this where Syrians will feel comfortable?

Despite any assurances, Syrians will be met here with one of two reactions. There will be a fraudulent welcome from the left and a suspicious distrust from the right. The left will pretend to welcome them and will bombard them with niceties about respecting their beliefs and embracing their culture, and in doing so they will apply pressure to these refugees to make equal allowances of things like fag marriage, abortion, and the rise of social secularism. The arrogance of liberalism is such that they are convinced that by being nice in a multi-cultural void of virtue or decency, Muslims will be happy to abandon their core beliefs. There is no reason to believe they will do so. Conservatives are nearly as bad. Unless you’re willing to jump up into a public setting, declare Christianity your equal and praise American liberty from the roof tops, you’re not likely to be trusted or welcomed. Obviously a decent, moderate Syrian Muslim can’t do that because he makes himself and his family a target for violence from radicals by doing so. The Syrian refugee confronted with these two brands of reception is going to have little choice but to insulate himself from us through the establishment and expansion of yet another subculture that will serve only to further divide our already fractured society. They will add to our division, resent us for our trouble, and resist the influence of our culture over their children, with violence if necessary. And yes… some of them, perhaps many, will be radicalized.

In my opinion, bringing Syrian refugees here is destined to be a highly predictable disaster for them and us. There will be terrorism as a result, whether by radicalization of refugees when they get here or by ISIS converts mixed in among them. There will be no vetting of them because it’s simply not possible to investigate their backgrounds with their home country torn apart by civil war. There are likely no records available to request, and it is silly to believe the Assad regime would cooperate with any requests for background information. The only terrorists we will catch will be the ones we already know about and are already looking for. This will not protect us from nominal refugees who become radicalized in the course of fleeing Syria or coming here. There is no possible way to prevent ISIS from turning individuals we are unaware of. The idea that we can vet ten thousand people adequately from the war torn shell of a country that used to be Syria is complete fucking nonsense. There is hardly enough infrastructure left to keep water and power on in many places let alone access the institutions that would have public records about people’s less savory associations. Ridiculous bullshit. No vetting shall take place. Pixie dust.

This leads to one of two outcomes. We will have a Trump-like fortress America with walls on all borders, or we will be returning to the Middle-East in force. My guess is the latter. There will be more terrorist attacks not less, and I imagine we will see a number of them before the next election. ISIS does not want us to believe we are safe here an ocean away. They want us to feel decidedly unsafe, and with that goal in mind they will make every effort to attack us again, having already said publicly that Washington DC is a primary target.

The ShitBama legacy will be that the next President, regardless of who it is shall be taking us right back to the Middle-East, right back to Iraq, and we will likely be there for the rest of our lives. Remember, we’re still in Japan and Germany. You can argue about whether we should have ever been there to start with, and my personal view would be no, because the Hussain regime was a balance against Iran, but once we go and remove ol’ Saddam, we have an obligation to stay until there’s a stable government to replace him that is capable of maintaining civilization. It should be obvious to all concerned that we left too early for the sake of an arbitrary campaign promise made by SuckBama toward winning an election rather than any concern over national, regional or global security. It is utterly predictable, everyone knows it, nobody wants to admit it, and yet it is entirely obvious that we are headed back to Iraq for round three of the quagmire that is now the caliphate of ISIS. It’s time to deal with the reality of the situation and put aside the medical water bong. ISIS wants us back in Iraq, and they’re going to attack us as many times as it takes to get us there. The short lived victory of DunceBama will become one of the laughing stocks of our history when we are forced to return, a victory for them on the face of it as they drive our agenda. BoreBama has already given them that victory by doing this extraordinary disservice to whomever his successor shall be. They will gain further victories with every dead soldier that comes back to us as they now determine a significant portion of our foreign policy. Trump’s fortress America sounds better and better, even if it isn’t feasible.

So why talk about Iraq in conjunction with Syrian refugees? Well, the problem is related. It is the absence of a stable government in Iraq that makes it possible for ISIS to establish their not so little caliphate in both Iraqi and Syrian territories, and it is Iraq that is the key geographically to dealing with the wider problem in Syria. We do after all still have a friend or two despite the weakness of this pathetic and inconsequential President.

Now is a great time for ButtBama to take a break from offending our Muslim allies with his distracted fixation on homo ass-pounding and start getting serious with with our relationship to Saudi Arabia. The reason for this is simple geography. From Saudi Arabia, we drive ten thousand troops over the border due North and seize Rutbi. This is the trunk of a tree maneuver. From Rutbi we build the bow of the tree in three directions or branches with an additional fifteen thousand troops that are a combination of round the clock air cover and elite special forces units to cut off the three main approaches to Rutbi. From there we drive five thousand troops due West to the Syrian border. Here is where we build a safe zone for Syrian and Iraqi refugees. There is easy access for humanitarian aid from Jordan and the region is defensible as a wide open territory.

This is also where coalition forces can push North along the Syrian Iraqi border to cut ISIS in half and start to push both East and West to wipe the mother fuckers off the map. This is how we can start right now to help the Syrian refugees in a real and tangible way, to help them reclaim their own country rather than displacing them to a continent on the other side of the goddamn planet, which can only serve to feed their distrust and resentment of the West. I know… nobody’s listening. Nobody wants to be responsible for Iraq 3: The Triquel. Yet this is how we easily and conveniently deal with this mess. You can’t deal with Syria without dealing with Iraq. The bastards simply hop on their camels and float back and forth across the desert border without any restraint. And you can’t win a war with an air campaign. You fucking dillweeds should have learned that from Vietnam, but when it comes to remembering your own history, y’all got your heads up your asses and think the FailBama drone war is going to do something somehow, like a swarm of mosquitos harassing a rhinoceros.

Everybody knows that a real man is capable of admitting when he’s wrong, and a real leader will own his mistakes and fix them. Only a pussy tries to hide his failures beneath the cloak of a bullshit narrative that everyone knows is false. ISIS is not contained. It is expanding in all directions and acquiring more and more power, wealth, territory and prestige. It is the bold caliphate exploding onto a global scene in defiance of the West and to the radical, conservative, even nominally Islamo-centric thinker, it is a beast of extraordinary admiration and wonder. It’s a goddamn lion roaring in the wild against a ridiculous rainbow pony on a cartoon for little girls. ShitBama is a fucking pussy and everybody knows it. The difference between me and most of you is I’m willing to say it. And what’s laughable about it is that this mess would be so easily fixed if the Sissy-in-Chief would just come out with it and admit what a fucked up mess he’s made. The American people are extraordinarily forgiving of leaders who are willing to own up to their mistakes and commit to fixing them.

The ObamaPology could go something like this:

“My fellow Americans, I fucked it up. I thought when we were ready to leave Iraq, the Iraqi government had security well under control, and it would be safe for us to move on from the region. We underestimated the strength, resilience, and commitment of ISIS, and in doing so, we made a bigger mess than the one we had before. We left a void of power that allowed a terrible adversary to fester and grow. It’s my fault. I stepped in a really big pile of camel shit and made a goddamn mess all over the Middle-East which is mow being tracked into every continent by Islamic fundamentalist radicals. For this reason, we’re going back to Iraq. We’re going back in full force, we’re gonna do it right this time, and we’re not gonna stop until we rip the fucking guts outta every last member of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Goodnight, God bless America, and pray for your leaders… especially me.”

This is the BamaPology that would redeem his legacy, and save him from going down in the books as the weakest candy-ass in the history of the American Presidency. Of course, in order to do that, he’d have to man up and admit his mistakes. We all know he’s too big of a cunt to do so. He’d rather distract you with bullshit about gun control and climate change while ISIS busily plots to build on the successes of Paris and San Bernardino.

And the Syrians? It’s a fucking disaster in the making. There’s no reason to believe the good ones want to come here, and there’s also no way to prevent them from feeling resentment about being displaced so far from home. What they’ve seen already is our lack of compassion for their difficulties and suffering in our abject refusal to assist them in their homeland where they’ve actually needed us. It is our lack of humanity that has left them at the mercy of ISIS on one side and the Assad Regime on the other complete with its ally in Putin’s Russia and falling barrel bombs on their children. Do you think you shall convince them of your good will and happy thoughts after abandoning the region which led to the rise of ISIS to begin with, then exasperating their displacement from their homes by taking them as far from Syria as possible so you can put their children in public schools where their religious traditions will be undermined with propaganda lessons about homo marriage? Do you think you shall do them a service in this that shall inspire their love and appreciation? They will fucking hate you and it is entirely predictable. Only a goddamn fool doesn’t see this for what it is. This is not a choice of their own making, to accept the light and dark sides of a libertarian Western society and immigrate here of their own volition. This is a choice that is being imposed on them to select the lesser of two evils by virtue of their refugee status, the making of which we are very much responsible for at least in part.

As you all go about discussing whether they should or should not be allowed to come, the real question remain unasked and undiscussed. Do they even want to come here? Why yes, you think, we are so amazing after all. When you stop congratulating yourselves on how amazing you are and how you think all the world wishes they were little Americas, maybe we can have an honest conversation about how much of the world doesn’t really like our liberty, and it is very easy to imagine that Muslims from Syria may very well not like us, not want to come here, not want their children to acquire our world view, and may thoroughly resent being packed into airplanes against their desires for no reason other than that they have no where else to go. Maybe we can have a conversation about generating some good will in that region by helping them regain a foothold in their homeland rather than using them as props of our oh so compassionate inclusiveness. They’re not fucking stupid. Do you honestly think they won’t see through the exploitation of their plight? It’s a goddamn election year. Back and forth the candidates go with their arguments about compassion verses security. You think it’s about them, don’t you? They know it isn’t. It’s about FuckBama’s imaginary legacy and who will replace him. What it’s not about is helping the Syrians, and it never was. If the dumb fucks gave a shit about helping them, they would never have let it comes to this to start with. The half hearted measures of training an insignificant fifty or so fighters and sending them into fray to have their lines broken and see them run for it or switch sides to save their own asses easily demonstrates just how little we give a shit about these people, and to say otherwise is a fucking delusion. Let’s come out with it, shall we? Fuck Syria. We don’t give a rat’s ass about those people. If we did, we’d be helping them there instead of bringing them here.

Let me close with a special Christmas wish. To any American servicemen or kind-hearted civilians in Syria, to any allies of America, to any Christians hiding from the blood-thirsty and barbaric murder of Islam, to the odd moderate Muslim who’d rather mind his own business than hate his neighbors and support the blind savagery of a 7’th Century death cult… to anyone who is good in Syria, or at least not consumed with a raping and killing lust for evil… a very merry Christmas to you. It would be great if my country’s leadership gave a shit about you, but I wouldn’t want to lie about that so close to Jesus’ birthday.


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