India and Pakistan Leading Truth

As long as I can remember, India and Pakistan have been at varying levels of conflict. They have long been disputing over the region of Kashmir since before I was born, and for all intents and purposes, there is really no reason to believe they will ever be in accord, because they don’t even really agree about why they disagree.

India claims the region based on nationalistic territorial claims. You would expect that. Nationalism is a pinnacle to India-think because of their liberty arising out of British colonialism. Pakistan however claims the region based on a connection with the people’s religious traditions, a large percentage of Kashmir being Muslim. In Pakistan-think, your religious identity outweighs your national identity without any pause or consideration.

There is no third way of thinking between the two for very clear reasons. In both cases, there is nothing between the citizen and his identity, unlike here in the West. In the West, we have this thing called ‘culture’ that is sandwiched between our national identity on the left and our religious identity on the right. The idea of culture as an independent thing all of its own arises from our Renaissance and Reformation, neither of which has happened in the Middle-East or Asia-Minor. When an American proudly calls himself an American, he is almost never talking about the borders on a map of our continent, nor our Protestant heritage. He is almost always talking about something distinct from both nationalism and religion, yet includes the influence of either and both. “I’m an American” means a whole host of things. It means profound things like, “the business of the state is to secure the liberty of the citizen,” or “religious liberty is founded in the Protestant theology of the priesthood of the believer and the autonomy of the local church.” It also means baseball is the greatest game in the history of civilization, BBQ is a form of fine dining, there is no liquid refreshment more meaningful than beer, and if you’re car does not have a V-8 for horsepower or a straight 6 for torque… You are driving an unredeamably underpowered piece of shit that you would be ashamed of if you had any pride. The chariot of God is a Jeep.

So what does this strange hodge-podge collection of random thought lead to, you may wonder. It leads to many things, yet it kinda explodes onto the global scene in the form of an interesting article like a bomb of truth blowing up what you thought mattered.

India and Pakistan are talking peace, and it seems both genuine and serious:

Some of you are so distracted out there with the isolationist mindset of your superficial partisanship from the cult of your favorite political party, that you fucking missed it. The attention of the global mindset has shifted, and you completely missed it because you’ve been listening to politicians and the media. It’s hard to know how to help you.

England, France, Germany, Russia, China, Indonesia, and a host of other countries have all made recent shifts in their determination of the rising threat of radical Islamic terror and it’s priority. There has been no threat like it since the rise of Communism, and even though many of you are convinced it’s really important right now to make sure that homos can earn $15.00 an hour while getting free health care in a gay marriage in order to stop global warming… the rest of the world is gearing up for the ideological war of our lifetime.

India and Pakistan are the biggest indicator yet that while so many of you have allowed your brains to be poisoned by the cultish, pseudo-religious devotion to partisanship, history and global events are about to get into your way. We see that with the frustration and desperation of America’s President attempting to keep the agenda he likes relevant with strange arguments of rational distortion like… global warming leads to terror… gun control will stop ISIS attacks… what Africa needs is more homo booty-poking… nuns should be forced by the state to supply free contraceptives… the list goes on and on. Partisanship is poison. Devotion to the two-party system is a systemic barrier to any form of rational thought, and the notion that choosing a DemoPublican advances anything other than the further entrenchment of a political ruling class is stupid on the face of it. But by all means… Keep telling yourselves that your party is the right one. Democrats should keep telling themselves that their party supports civil liberties even though the current administration has done more spying on it’s own people than J. Edgar Hoover. Republicans should keep telling themselves they believe in economic liberty even though they’re moved more then half our manufacturing base to the shores of the commie fucking Chinese, who systematically hack us, steal our trade secrets, and influence our elections through corporate donations from multinational companies that have no patriotic commitment to America’s future.

As you discuss these very important issues, you should equally keep in mind how the supremacy of Hillary’s politically correct vajayjay may contrast with the amazing power of Carson’s evangelical blackness when Trump’s hair implants cannot supplant Carly’s face because Sanders is very inclusive with his old white maleness. Should I even mention that Cruz wouldn’t drink a beer with me and Jesus?

Here’s what I want to leave you with. Partisanship is a poison to your brain’s capacity for rational thought. DemoPublicans do not give a shit about you. In the same way that all-ness is equal to one-ness, any government is equal to all government. The direction is totality… think about it. The day will come when you see this more clearly than you do. That will be a dangerous day for the political establishment and the ruling elite who want you to stay in your little box of thought limitation. Whether the box of your confinement leans left or right has as much relevance as a mayonnaise jar would to a kangaroo. The machine has contained you. Democrats say those other guys are racist meanies. Republicans say those other guys are destroying liberty. They seem to have no idea that they are both contained, and therefore controlled.

Yet truth is exploding like a really glorious bomb in the face of the sleeping partisan drone who cannot think. Every western nation is going to have no choice but to awaken and face the rise of the new threat. Anyone who thinks otherwise is sleeping. There’s a 7’th Century death cult in your future.


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