Equality and a Little Islamic Rape Fun

Do you believe all cultures are equal? If there was a culture out there that was fundamentally opposed to the principles of equality in a libertarian society, would you want that culture to come be a part of your society, or would you want to protect your society from a culture that wants to fundamentally change your society, with violence if necessary?

I ask because of the situation that is unfolding across Europe. The New Year’s Celebration in Cologne, Germany brought with it a lot of fun for Muslim men. German women… not so much. There are now over 300 reported sexual and rape assaults from that event, and the details are growing. Apparently marauding Muslim rape gangs were cruising the celebration, surrounding women attacking, robbing, assaulting and raping women throughout the night. There were thousands of them involved.

This is only one example that was very visible, but there are stories on a smaller scale being recounted throughout Europe, and incidents of rape are exploding all across the continent. And yes, there are Syrian refugees counted among the gangs, according to reports.

Initially local officials tried to cover up, then minimize reports of Muslim involvement, but I suppose the sheer scale of the thing simply couldn’t be contained. It’s a lot like the San Bernardino shooting, how all the initial speculation pointed toward workplace violence, but pretty quickly the media wasn’t able to cover up the emerging details that in fact the culprits were Muslim Jihadi types. How unfortunate for the folks who want to extend the principles of equality to a culture that wants to dismantle your way of life.

Back to the joys of Muslim rape gangs…

Europe is already flooded with millions of these folks, primarily refugees from Syria, and strangely… America and Canada are talking about bringing tens of thousands of them here. Good idea? This is going to advance gender equality in our society? How so?

Throughout the Middle-East and in Muslim countries around the globe women are generally treated to various degrees of oppression, from a general second class level of citizenship to being looked upon and treated as little more than property to be used and abused at leisure. Rape, sexual slavery and pedophilia are common place, according to countless articles I’ve read. Polygamy is ordinary. Are these the things that advance the principles of equality in a libertarian society, or is there nothing to be concerned about?

What happens when a false ethic of cultural parity comes in conflict with established Constitutional principles of gender equality? Are you going to ignore the marauding Muslim rape gangs that are arising in the streets of Europe and abandon your women?

Let me ask it another way… are you looking forward to the influx of Middle-Eastern refugees so you can enjoy the fun of seeing your wives and daughters ass-raped by Muslim gangs in the streets?

Yeah, I know… to ask the question makes me an Islamophobic bigot, right? LOL so fucking what?


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