The Never-Ending Remodel


Haven’t posted about the old farmhouse in a while. This started as a minor remodel and turned into a ground up restoration. As you can see, I have this section of roof wide open, I’m shoring up the trusses and starting the layout for the two dormers I’m adding. This will make the attic useable space. I have a finite amount of time to finish this frame up and put the roof back on before the fall rains come…


More Fruit for the Picking


Two kinds of plums and a cherry-apricot deal… we have so much wild fruit here it’s going to take years to whip this place into shape. This is just a few hours take, maybe 10 pounds worth. More to come.

Imperial-Bama Continues the Ugly American Tradition


One of the things people hate about Americans is the perception that we go around telling the world what they should be. Presidents of both parties have done this for decades, and it’s nice to see Obama continuing in that arrogant tradition. I know… many of you are okay when Obama does it because liberal imperialism is no doubt better than conservative imperialism.

Myself, I have a different view. I think we should mind our own business. As a federalist, I believe one of the most moral things we can say is, ‘That’s none of our business.’ I realize there are exceptions of course. When we see the rise of the world’s next Hitler or Stalin, it would probably be in our national interest to stamp him out before he tears the world apart. Aside from that, I don’t think it’s appropriate for Americans to go around the globe and tell the people of other countries how they should govern themselves or what their social standards should be. I find that extraordinarily arrogant and tasteless.

Emperor-Bama just spent time in Kenya where he decided it was his business to tell the people of another country on another continent what their country’s position should be on homosexual rights. I realize this is a man deeply distracted by gay sex and it may be hard for him to control himself, but let’s get real here. There is no vital American interest in trying to secure a right for homos to poke each other in the booty in Kenya. Honest to God, that cannot possibly be our business, and frankly, it’s an embarrassment to have a President stick his nose into the national winkies of another people. It further confirms in my mind what a poor excuse of a diplomat this man is.

But it’s great of course to see the ugly American return with his disinterest in other people’s values and culture. After all, we got important principles of liberty to advance, like ensuring a Kenyan right to poke hairy booty. That will make America a better, safer place to be, and might even balance our budget while securing us from terrorists.

Berries, Not Booties


Let’s talk about blackberries. I’m tired of reading posts about pro-homo fruitcakes pushing their fag-genda. Boring.

I got my nieces out today to pick some blackberries. Hey, nothing more fun than picking fruit with Uncle Cranky, right? So we got maybe a quarter bucket so far. Keep picking little ladies! LOL.

Pro Homo Types Want No Dissent


For some strange reason, homos and their supporters want dissenters to shut up and go away. I guess they think the battle is over because they won a court case. Apparently those who disagree with them no longer have the right to free speech or to engage the political process.

I saw someone post about Dent County lowering their flags to half mast in protest of the homo marriage decision, crying the blues that it was insulting or offensive. Do you really believe you have a right to shut people up because you’re offended? It’s the stupidest fucking thing I ever heard. Are you kidding? You have a right to shut up the people of Dent County because of how their speech makes you feel? Shut the fuck up pussies. It’s called dissent.

Does anyone out there give a shit about your free speech liberties, or are you too busy fagging off to care about your freedom?